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Discover the latest Drinks recipes

You will love our Drinks recipes. Aliquam semper vehicula purus sit amet placerat. Fusce venenatis lorem augue.

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Chocolate Cake Shot

This chocolate cake shot is an insanely delicious shot that is quickly becoming a favorite of many amateur cocktail mixers around the world.

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Blow Job Shot

The Blow Job Shot is a layered shot made using two or three liqueurs for a sweet and creamy flavor. It is my favorite and a little sugar bomb of deliciousness!

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Pickleback Shot

There’s no need to go to the bar with this recipe. You can experience the Pickleback at home with that jar of pickles sitting in your refrigerator.

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot

A cinnamon toast crunch shot is made with Rumchata and Fireball whisky with a garnishment of cinnamon sugar on the rim of the shot glass.

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Red-Headed Slut Shot

Here is a classic Red Headed slut shot recipe for an easy shooter or cocktail- and a second variation for anyone looking for a powerful and fiery drink.

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Liquid Marijuana Shot

This Liquid Marijuana Shot recipe is great for anyone who likes a sweet, fruity flavor and a glass that looks great in photos. I love it!

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Cement Mixer Shot

Drinking a cement mixer shot is more about having a laugh alongside friends at your own expense, because this is not a delicious recipe.

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Scooby Snack Shot

Grab your melon rum shooters and cocktail glass and get started! Scooby snack shots are a great addition to Halloween parties or just a boring Sunday.

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Blue Kamikaze Shot

The Blue Kamikaze shot is one of the easiest shots to make. All you need for the base drink is vodka, blue curacao, ice, and your favorite garnish.

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Tokyo Tea Shot

The sweet and sour mix and lemon juice make the Tokyo tea shot stand out from all the other drink recipes derived from Long Island iced tea.

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Gummy Bear Shot

Do you already have the ingredients, the shot glass, and the rest of the tools? In just a few minutes, you can have your gummy bear shots ready!

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Snake Bite Shot

With a few simple steps, you’ll be able to make this Snake Bite Shot in no time and enjoy the perfect combination of sweet whiskey and bitter lime flavors.