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Discover the latest Gin recipes

Check out what Gin recipes we have made so far!

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Trash Can Drink

This trash can drink recipe is perfect for your friends and family. It also makes the perfect St. Patrick’s day cocktail because of the green and blue color.

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Gibson Cocktail

One of the best alternatives to the classic Martini is the Gibson cocktail, so you can’t miss the chance to prepare this drink at home with this recipe!

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Grateful Dead Drink

The Grateful Dead drink recipe is shockingly strong because of the many liquors included. However, it still boasts of well-balanced, sweet, and fruity flavors.

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Blue Motorcycle Drink

If you’re looking for a drink that’s as fun as a motorcycle ride, this is it! My Blue Motorcycle drink recipe is the perfect blend of flavor and excitement.

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AMF Drink

With its additional sweet and sour mix and soda, the AMF drink offers a fun and refreshing experience for anyone who wants to get buzzed quickly.