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Discover the latest Alcoholic Drinks recipes

You will love our Alcoholic Drinks recipes. Aliquam semper vehicula purus sit amet placerat. Fusce venenatis lorem augue.

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Mexican Candy Shot

With this delicious Mexican candy shot recipe, you can feel how this explosion of Mexican flavors hits your throat and gives you a boost of adrenaline!

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Water Moccasin Shot

Although I’m yet to find anyone who has become tired of my water moccasin shot recipe, it’s always great to have a few variations to spice things up.

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White Tea Shot

A white tea shot comes in many forms – but it is essentially an alcoholic drink that tastes similar to a fresh lemon iced tea.

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Mini Beer Shot

This is one of my favorite shots to make when having friends over. The great thing about my mini beer shots recipe is you only need 2 ingredients!

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White Gummy Bear Shot

This white gummy bear shot recipe is a perfect way to get the party started! It is one of the easiest shots to make and it is extremely delicious.

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Polar Bear Shot

What I love about this polar bear shot recipe is that it is very easy to prepare, so it’s the best drink when you have to serve a crowd or host a party!

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Lemon Drop Shot

The classic lemon drop candy taste is hard to beat- especially in summer- with all that sweet, tart, and zesty lemony goodness.

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Pink Starburst Shot

Grab your cocktail shaker and shot glasses and get ready to create the best pink starburst shots you will ever taste in only five minutes!