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Discover the latest American recipes

Check out what American recipes we have made so far!

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Oven-Baked Beef Short Ribs

Once you pair your short ribs with your favorite barbecue sauce, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t learn to make this oven baked beef short ribs recipe before!

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Short Ribs Flanken Style

I was hooked from the first time I took a bite of this grilled Flanken ribs recipe and it has been my favorite way to cook short ribs ever since!

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Oven-Baked St Louis Style Ribs

I think this oven-baked St Louis style ribs recipe is so versatile. Since I don’t have a grill, it has been a lifesaver when I get together with my friends.

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Apple Pie Hot Dog

Making this apple pie hot dog is so quick and easy! However, it does require a bit of time, especially if you want to make your own bacon jam as well.

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Burgers In The Oven

Whether you’re having a party with your loved ones or want to make something delicious to share on game night, my oven-baked burger recipe is all you need!

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Oven-Baked Beef Brisket

I love beef recipes, especially when I can store some leftovers to make other recipes. That’s why this oven-baked beef brisket recipe is one of my favorites.

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Baked Beans with Ground Beef

This delicious baked beans with ground beef recipe gets taken to the next level with hamburger meat, spices, onions, bell peppers, BBQ sauce, and bacon.