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Irish Car Bomb Shot

The Irish Car Bomb Shot is quick to make, incredibly tasty, and has a unique flavor profile that’ll have you wondering why you didn’t make it sooner.

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Irish car bomb shot recipe

Nothing screams St. Patrick’s Day like indulging in an iconic Irish Car Bomb shot. This classic combination of Baileys Irish cream, Jameson Irish whiskey, and a dash of Guinness can help you and your friends get the party started with its smooth taste and fast-acting effects.

It’s quick to make, incredibly tasty, and has a unique flavor profile that’ll have you wondering why you didn’t make it sooner.

What’s an Irish Car Bomb Drink?

If you are not familiar with the name yet, the Irish Car Bomb – or “the Irish Slammer” as it is more commonly referred to – is a powerful alcoholic drink made with parts of Guinness stout and Jameson Irish whiskey, topped with Baileys Irish cream.

Invented by Charles Burke Cronin Oat at Wilson’s saloon around 1979 in Connecticut, this incredible drink refers to the car bombings that took place in Northern Ireland. Other than the common name “Irish Car Bomb,” some people know the concoction as the Irish Slammer.

It’s a popular drink for celebrations and serves as a crowd-pleaser among drinkers now, despite the memories it holds for dreadful car bombings in the past. Whether you are just hosting a house party or celebrating a special occasion, this Irish Slammer is your best bet to make sure the event is a great and memorable one. Another great party starting drink is the flaming Dr. Pepper shot!

This delicious three-part combination is sure to keep your night lively and fun. The beer-based shot is easy to make and can be served in individual shot glasses or in a larger pint glass. The best part? It’s just as delicious as the classic cocktails and drinks you know and love!

Irish whiskey in glass

Irish Car Bomb Recipe

If you’re looking for an easy and fun shot that’s sure to be the life of the party, you’ll love the Irish Car Bomb. On top of that, it’s surprisingly easy to make! Break out your notepad and start listing the ingredients needed to make this awesome drink.

Additional Materials

  • One shot glass/pint glass
  • 2-4 clear ice cubes

Although adding ice isn’t recommended for the original recipe, you can chill the drink if that’s how you prefer it.

Why Does the Cream Curdle in the Irish Car Bomb?

This delicious combination of Guinness, Irish cream, and Jameson whiskey has been a favorite among drinkers for years. However, not many know why the cream in the Irish Car Bomb starts to curdle after a while.

First, it’s important to understand what an Irish Car Bomb/Irish Slammer is. This popular concoction consists of dripping Irish whiskey into a shot glass filled with a good amount of Guinness stout.

When the shot of whiskey is dropped into the pint glass, the whole drink fizzes and foams up. Irish cream is traditionally poured right on top of the mixture.

The acidity of the Guinness causes the proteins in the Irish cream to break down, resulting in an unpleasant curdled texture.

Close up of irish cream

How to Prevent Curdling in an Irish Car Bomb Drink

It’s easy to understand why the Irish Car Bomb is a popular choice among drinkers, but the ugly curdling effect can be pretty disgusting for many people. Not only does it look bad, but the texture turns awful too.

On the bright side, you can prevent your Irish Car Bomb from turning into a curdled mess. How? Simple – just don’t mix the concoction in your shot glass/pint glass. On top of that, always add the Irish cream last.

How to Drink an Irish Car Bomb Shot

This fun and tasty shot is easy to make but can be intimidating to execute. However, I’m here to help you learn how to properly drink an Irish Car Bomb without making a mess from the fizz.

When it’s time to drink, drop the shot glass filled with Irish whiskey and Irish cream into the other shot glass filled with Guinness, and chug the whole thing down.

Keep in mind that the concoction is pretty strong, so you want to chug it fast. Once it’s done, make sure to savor the flavor of the sweet, creamy, and fizzy concoction that makes the Irish Car Bomb such a great drink.

What to Use as Substitutes for the Original Charles Burke Cronin Oat Irish Car Bomb Drink

The Irish Car Bomb ingredients typically consist of a dash of Guinness stout, usually Jameson Irish whiskey, and sweet Irish cream. However, you can use other Irish ingredients, including different stouts and whiskeys, to compensate for the flavor.

  • Kahlua Liquor

Many bartenders use Kahlua instead of Baileys Irish cream, which gives the Irish bomb drink a Mexican twist.

Traditionally, the Irish Car Bomb recipe calls for a splash of Baileys traditional Irish Cream only. This helps to create a creamy and smooth finish to the Irish Bomb drink, with a hint of sweetness. If you have some extra Baileys after making this shot, try out my buttery nipple shot recipe!

  • Amaretto Cream

However, other liqueurs or creamers can be used as a substitute, such as Amaretto or chocolate liqueur. Although the original Irish Car Bomb/Dublin Drop is a classic, it’s not always easy to find the exact Irish ingredients.

With a little creativity, you can substitute any stout and whiskey of your choice and mix and match to come up with new variations of the Dublin Drop – like an Acidic Beer Bomb, for instance! Bust out some great stouts and whiskeys, simply mix and create your own original Irish bomb drink. Grab your glass, and start chugging!

Guinness beer on table


The Irish Car Bomb is a favorite at pubs and bars all over the world, and for a good reason! In essence, the combination of Guinness, delectable Irish cream, and Irish whiskey creates a sweet, creamy, and savory flavor that’s perfect for consumption. If you’re looking for a classic boozy experience, then a fizzy Irish Car Bomb/Irish Slammer is the perfect drink for you.

Yield: 1 serving

Irish Car Bomb Shot

Irish Car Bomb Shot

The Irish Car Bomb Shot is quick to make, incredibly tasty, and has a unique flavor profile that'll have you wondering why you didn't make it sooner.

Prep Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes


  • 1/2 oz. of Irish cream
  • 1/2 oz. of Irish whiskey
  • 3/4 pint of Guinness Stout


Start by filling up a one-pint glass about 3/4 full with the Guinness stout.

Pour the Irish whiskey from a separate shot glass and slowly pour the whiskey atop the Irish cream to create a layered effect.

Drop the shot glass into your beer mug. Enjoy the visual effects, take pictures, and then start chugging the Irish Slammer!

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 282Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 18mgCarbohydrates: 12gFiber: 0gSugar: 6gProtein: 1g

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